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Osan Drinks
Osan Drinks

Gourmet Botanical Drink

Naturally alcohol-free Certified organic Organic farming No colorants or preservatives Low in sugar and free from refined sugar

+30000 consumers

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"I no longer drink alcohol, but I still enjoy the taste of good things. Osan allows me to appreciate my meals while respecting my lifestyle choice. I highly recommend it."

Osan Drinks
Jean-Pierre D

"It's delicious and can complement meals. I drink it in a wine glass to fully appreciate the flavors, and I think it's fantastic."

Osan Drinks
Philippe P

"Finally, a different beverage that delivers, much better than non-alcoholic wine."

Osan Drinks
David C

To perfectly accompany your meal from appetizer to dessert.

Produced from fresh plants using unique know-how, OSAN guarantees an intense nose, balance and length on the palate, naturally and without alcohol.

The First Gourmet Drink

Neither water, soft drink nor non-alcoholic wine

Drink OSAN Non-alcoholic wine Soft drink Concentrated juice
Made with fresh, local vegetables ok nok nok nok
Low calorie, low GI ok nok nok nok
No sulfites, no colorants ok nok nok nok
Balanced, low-sugar taste ok nok nok nok
Approved by chefs and sommeliers ok nok nok nok
Accompanies the meal ok ok nok nok
Alcohol-free ok nok ok ok
Refreshing drink ok nok ok nok

Table pleasures for everyone

OSAN was created in my restaurant to offer a drink with absolutely no alcohol (00.00%) to individuals who wish to accompany their meal with finesse, in a rewarding and uplifting manner.

Sang Hoon Degeimbre
L’air du temps

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