A successful alcohol-free barbecue


Barbecues are the classic way to share a moment of summer. But for a barbecue to be a success, the grilled food has to go well with the drinks on the table.

However, not all non-alcoholic drinks can create this harmony of flavours, as they are often too sweet or too strong in taste. However, thanks to alcohol-free alternatives, you can enjoy every moment without compromising on taste and without feeling the fatigue that sets in after a meal accompanied by glasses of wine.

To make a success of a non-alcoholic barbecue, Osan's different families of flavours will accompany you perfectly from the beginning to the end of the meal, offering new and delicious combinations. Your taste buds will be grateful and you'll be in top form to enjoy every ray of sunshine!

OSAN Beet - Blackberry

The powerful beetroot and blackberry notes of OSAN BM make it the perfect option for red meats, mushrooms and grilled chicken.

OSAN Shiso - Basil

The lively flavours and slightly citrus notes of OSAN SB make it an ideal match for grilled fish.

OSAN Fresh Verbena - Turmeric

OSAN VC, with its combination of turmeric and verbena, offers nuances of spice and a deep lightness that go perfectly with white meats, fish and summer vegetables.

With friends or family, share unique moments with a glass of Osan.

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