OSAN Pairing set - 6 bottles

Try our paring set to receive our three varieties in a single shipment. This pack includes 6 bottles:
2x OSAN VC Verbena - Turmeric
2x OSAN SB Purple Shiso - Basil
2x OSAN BM Beetroot - Blackberry
Regular price €12,90 / bouteille de 75cl

Read the description for the number of bottles per box. Free shipping on orders over €50.

  • 00.00% alcohol
  • Organic farming - Certified BE-BIO-01
  • No colorants or preservatives
  • Low in sugar and free from refined sugar
  • Approved by renowned sommeliers and chefs

Once opened, Osan stays fresh for 7 days.

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OSAN can be enjoyed as a white, rosé or red wine. Discover our paring suggestions on the pages of each variety, and then experiment and share your favorite pairings with us.


"Fast delivery, perfect packaging and delicious taste. Next time it's for a gift"

Osan Drinks
Christine D

"It's delicious and pairs well with food. I drink it in a wine glass to release the aromas, and I love it"

Osan Drinks
Philippe P

"At last, a different drink that makes a difference, much better than non-alcoholic wine".

Osan Drinks
David C

Tasting notes

You can also find tasting notes on the pages for each variety. They are produced by Antoine Petrus, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommellerie, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Maître d'hotel.


OSAN was created at the l'Air du Temps restaurant by Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre to offer a 0.00% alcohol beverage to those who want to accompany their meals with finesse, in a rewarding and satisfying manner. OSAN is a premium plant-based beverage obtained through a unique process. Our natural process ensures an intense aroma, subtle taste, balance, and a lingering finish without the use of refined sugars, distillates, or artificial flavors. Therefore, it is not non-alcoholic wine, flavored water, fruit juice, or fermented beverage.

OSAN is not a fermented and dealcoholized beverage like alcohol-free wines or alcohol-free spirits that still contain a small amount of alcohol. In this way, OSAN can guarantee a 00.00% alcohol content.

NO, OSAN doesn't taste like wine and is not based on grape fermentation. OSAN has been developed to offer a sophisticated balance of flavors that perfectly complement your dish or the moment of consumption. The goal is not to replace or imitate wine, but to provide an interesting and low-sugar alternative.

The purpose of OSAN is not to imitate the taste of wine, but to complement the meal just as well. To guide both professionals and individuals, it has been found that the colors of wine are a good reference point. OSAN VC white will pair well with dishes typically enjoyed with white wine, and so on.

If you're looking for the perfect drink to replace alcohol, you've found it.