OSAN Fresh Verbena - Turmeric

OSAN VC is a gourmet drink that combines the citrus notes of verbena with the warm and spicy notes of turmeric.
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  • 00.00% alcohol
  • Organic farming - Certified BE-BIO-01
  • No colorants or preservatives
  • Low in sugar and free from refined sugar
  • Approved by renowned sommeliers and chefs

Lemon Verbena



Osan is made from 100% natural plant ingredients grown or selected by us. Composition: lemon verbena, turmeric, honey, water, ascorbic acid, citric acid.

Average (per 100ml)

  • energy 19kJ / 4 kcl
  • fat 0.1 g
  • carbohydrates 0.9 g
  • sugars (acacia honey*) 1.2 g
  • protein <0.1 g
  • salt <0.01 g

Once opened, Osan stays fresh for 7 days

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OSAN VC pairs like a white wine with your appetizers and as an aperitif: seafood, chicken, soft cheeses, summer vegetables, risotto, white fish, pasta with white sauce.

Don't hesitate to experiment and discover what you enjoy most with your non-alcoholic beverage. Share your favorite pairings with us.


"As a wine enthusiast, I discovered Osan. During the week, it's my choice to stay light and fully enjoy my favorite wines on the weekends."

Osan Drinks
Anouk W

"A dream pairing: Osan Verbena Turmeric and cheese fondue by the fireplace."

Osan Drinks
Max B

"Osan VC? A resounding yes! Finally, an alcohol-free beverage with style."

Osan Drinks
Sofie D

Tasting notes

"The nose reveals subtle hints of sweet spice, yellow Chartreuse, unfolding gradually during the tasting. With aeration, it gains more fullness, evolving aromatically towards root-like notes.
On the palate, there is a feeling of comfort and fullness that settles on the palate. The balance is skillfully constructed, with a delicate acidity and beautiful salivating bitterness, calling for flavorful pairings."

Antoine Petrus
Meilleur Ouvrier de France Sommellerie
Meilleur Ouvrier de France Maître d’hotel


OSAN contains a small amount of honey: a natural product that we prefer over refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. Our honey is organic and sourced from local producers who prioritize animal welfare, but it does not make our product strictly vegan.

Yes, our organic plant-based beverage is certified organic by Certisys because all the ingredients used in its composition meet the strictest European standards.

Yes, in a VERY minimal amount. The acacia honey, a natural sweetener used in very small quantities, has a low glycemic index (GI of acacia honey: 35). The impact of OSAN on blood sugar levels or, simply put, your waistline, will be almost negligible and infinitely lower than that of a glass of non-alcoholic wine, a mocktail, or unpasteurized fruit juice.

OSAN is not a fermented and dealcoholized beverage like alcohol-free wines or alcohol-free spirits that still contain a small amount of alcohol. In this way, OSAN can guarantee a 00.00% alcohol content.

We recommend serving OSAN in an INAO large model wine glass (6 glasses per bottle) at a serving temperature of approximately 12-16 degrees Celsius (slightly cooler in summer). It's even better when you showcase our beautiful bottle to your guests.