Unique drink

OSAN was created at the l'Air du Temps restaurant by Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre to offer a 0.00% alcohol beverage to those who want to accompany their meals with finesse, in a rewarding and satisfying manner. OSAN is a premium plant-based beverage obtained through a unique process. Our natural process ensures an intense aroma, subtle taste, balance, and a lingering finish without the use of refined sugars, distillates, or artificial flavors. Therefore, it is not non-alcoholic wine, flavored water, fruit juice, or fermented beverage.

Osan stands out from non-alcoholic spirits with its rich and harmonious flavor that can be savored on its own, without the addition of sweet soft drinks. No need for a sugary sidekick to shine, it's tough enough to handle things on its own. Healthier, more economical, it doesn't try to imitate alcohol, it completely overshadows it. Osan offers a unique taste experience, designed to accompany gastronomy with elegance and finesse

NO, OSAN doesn't taste like wine and is not based on grape fermentation. OSAN has been developed to offer a sophisticated balance of flavors that perfectly complement your dish or the moment of consumption. The goal is not to replace or imitate wine, but to provide an interesting and low-sugar alternative.

The purpose of OSAN is not to imitate the taste of wine, but to complement the meal just as well. To guide both professionals and individuals, it has been found that the colors of wine are a good reference point. OSAN VC white will pair well with dishes typically enjoyed with white wine, and so on.

Many alcohol-free beverages rely on distillates, plant extracts, and other flavors. That is not the case with us. The result we achieve is very different, closer to the taste of fresh plants, more natural, and easier to digest. And you don't have to add a soft drink to make it drinkable

OSAN is primarily made from fresh plants. The major difference is our 'dynamization,' a unique process that captures the flavors, aromas, and colors of the plant in their fresh and intense state.

NO, OSAN doesn't taste like flavored water, neither in terms of production nor taste. OSAN is also not a soft drink or kombucha. It is a new beverage based on a process that is as complex as it is natural, avoiding the use of alcohol, chemical sweeteners, or refined sugar.

The taste of OSAN is described as 'subtle and complex' and it will delicately accompany your meals from aperitif to dessert. It will not replace the sweet pleasure of fruit juice, but it will offer something different that is better for your health.

What can we say? OSAN is very versatile, its only limit is your creativity. Some chefs even use it in the kitchen as a base for delicious sauces. So yes, be creative, indulge yourself above all, amaze yourself and amaze us... Share your ideas and recipes with us.

NO, OSAN is a new alternative to alcoholic beverages. Water is there to hydrate - OSAN is there to provide flavorful pleasure, alongside water.

Composition & Health

Our Gourmet Botanical Drinks are certified organic. The ingredients used in our beverages are carefully grown or selected by us. We do not use any distillates, flavors, colorants, preservatives, or sulfites. Our beverages do not contain any major allergens and are gluten-free.

Our main raw material is plant-based. It is produced organically, grown in open soil, and harvested in season. We produce our beverages ourselves using our own process: dynamization. Our dynamization results in the transfer of the organoleptic components of the plants (aroma, taste, color) to offer you a low-calorie, flavorful alcohol-free beverage.

OSAN is a Belgian product. Most of the ingredients are grown or selected by us in Belgium. The product is manufactured in Belgium (Walloon Brabant).

Our main raw material for the alcohol-free beverage is plant-based, organically grown, harvested from the earth, and in-season. We enhance these recipes with spices such as turmeric, pepper, rosemary, and juniper. We add a touch of organic acacia honey and balance the acidity of our alcohol-free beverages. We do not use preservatives, colorants, distillates, artificial flavors, or essential oils

OSAN is not a fermented and dealcoholized beverage like alcohol-free wines or alcohol-free spirits that still contain a small amount of alcohol. In this way, OSAN can guarantee a 00.00% alcohol content.

OSAN contains a small amount of honey: a natural product that we prefer over refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. Our honey is organic and sourced from local producers who prioritize animal welfare, but it does not make our product strictly vegan.

Yes, in a VERY minimal amount. The acacia honey, a natural sweetener used in very small quantities, has a low glycemic index (GI of acacia honey: 35). The impact of OSAN on blood sugar levels or, simply put, your waistline, will be almost negligible and infinitely lower than that of a glass of non-alcoholic wine, a mocktail, or unpasteurized fruit juice.

Yes, our organic plant-based beverage is certified organic by Certisys because all the ingredients used in its composition meet the strictest European standards.

OSAN does not contain gluten. OSAN is well-tolerated by individuals with allergies. Our full composition is described on the packaging. No secrets!

Our alcohol-free plant-based beverages do not contain any artificial colors. The beautiful hues of our bottles come solely from the natural beauty of the plants we use.

OSAN has a very low glycemic index (GI of acacia honey: 35) and is very low in calories. Osan is therefore particularly suitable to provide comfort in your efforts. However, we recommend consulting your doctor or dietitian before starting any strict diet.

In the world of drinks, OSAN is the superhero of natural goodness! With zero alcohol and super low calories, OSAN is the ultimate sidekick to accompany your alcohol-free meals and party adventures. It's the perfect partner for moms-to-be and breastfeeding superheroes who want to rock their taste buds without compromising their little ones. So go ahead, sip on OSAN and let the party begin... the safe and healthy way!

OSAN contains no trace of alcohol (00.00%). Our Halal certification is in progress.

Consumption & conservation

We recommend serving OSAN in an INAO large model wine glass (6 glasses per bottle) at a serving temperature of approximately 12-16 degrees Celsius (slightly cooler in summer). It's even better when you showcase our beautiful bottle to your guests.

Once opened, the bottle stays fresh for 7 days in the refrigerator.
The 75cl bottle is equipped with an easy-to-close screw cap.

At the time of production, our organic and natural beverages will have a shelf life of approximately 1 year. The expiration date is located at the bottom of the bottle.

As OSAN is a natural product without preservatives, we recommend storing it in a cool and dark place.

Order, shipping & return

We'll deliver your order within a maximum of 7 business days. Your order will be tracked.

To make it easy for you to enjoy our alcohol-free beverages, shipping costs are free in countries close to our production location. However, we recommend ordering the right quantity needed for your consumption to minimize transportation of goods

Osan accepts payments by major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Bancontact (Belgium)

As Osan is a food product, we do not accept merchandise returns. Our alcohol-free beverage has been embraced by many chefs and sommeliers, but we have developed a tasting set to allow you to evaluate the different varieties of Osan and determine which one you prefer... or perhaps all of them.

Pro & events

We are always seeking restaurateurs, hoteliers, bars, caterers, wine merchants, or retailers who are interested in offering our alcohol-free alternative to wine. You can contact us at hi@osandrinks.com to inquire about professional pricing (more information on the pro page).

If you would like to place a large quantity order of our plant-based beverage, Osan, you can contact us at hi@osandrinks.com to inquire about professional pricing (more information on the pro page).

We are continuously looking for distributors to introduce our alcohol-free beverages across Europe and beyond. You can contact us at hi@osandrinks.com to inquire about professional pricing (more information on the pro page).

With OSAN, you have the opportunity to offer a truly unique, high-quality alcohol-free beverage that has already been embraced by numerous sommeliers and Michelin-starred chefs. OSAN is not alcohol-free wine, non-alcoholic spirits, flavored water, or kombucha. It is the perfect choice for gourmets to accompany their meals, a beverage for pregnant women, and a drink for diabetics.

OSAN will become the essential player at any alcohol-free celebration, or rather, at any gathering where one decides to moderate alcohol but not the pleasure at the table. It is the responsibility of event organizers to offer guests a quality alcohol-free alternative for their safety and the safety of others.

OSAN is the perfect gift. We can develop custom offers for businesses to impress their clients or employees.